About B.FIRM

In late 2012 Lee Campbell launched the Canberra base for his successful health and wellbeing business, B.FIRM. The home of innovation in the health and fitness industry for more than 20 years, B.FIRM has successfully delivered health and wellbeing programs all over the world and improved the lives of tens-of-thousands of people.

Approaching health and wellbeing through the lens of holistic health, B.FIRM’s philosophy is bedded in teaching and building on individual and community health and wellbeing knowledge by creating impactful programs and using encouragement and positive influence as tools for change.

B.FIRM’s clients cover a broad spectrum of the community and include large corporate organisations and their employees, high profile and celebrity clients, people experiencing personal and life challenges of all forms, including those with disabilities such as cerebral palsy, hard-core obstacle trainers, professional sporting teams  and people seeking healthier lifestyles.

B.FIRM’s broad skill set enables it to deliver a range of traditional and innovative programs to clients including:

Passport4Life™ and Passport4Life4Work™ are unique platforms that set B.FIRM apart from other health and wellbeing organisations. These programs provide holistic approach to individual and community health and wellbeing have successfully driven changes to health and wellbeing for corporates and communities all over the world.

The programs are designed to profile individuals, assessing their current health and fitness and developing an individual plan to help improve their overall wellbeing. Specific to Passport4Life4Work™, is an extension in to the development of work skills alongside the broader health and wellbeing skills with a job placement as the final component of the 12-month program. Passport4Life4Work™ has already benefited thousands of young people throughout the Papua New Guinea and the South Pacific Region. To find out more about Passport4Life™ visit our Corporate training page.