About Lee Campbell - B.FIRM

About Lee Campbell

Personal and team fitness trainer
Weight loss expert and motivational specialist
Adventure and outdoor activities innovator
Corporate challenge creator
Team building champion

Sport and fitness have always been a part of Lee Campbell’s life. His excellence on the sporting field translated into a career in fitness, when he joined the Australian Army’s Royal Australian Regiment (3rd Battalion – Para Troopers) and became a Military Training Instructor, responsible for the physical training of soldiers.

Drafted to play Australian Rules Football with the Sydney Swans, he went onto represent NSW at State level. For over 25 years, Lee has devoted himself to the health and fitness industry, providing training to a vast array of clients, including celebrities, Corporations and anyone wishing to improve their health and fitness.

Lee offers his expertise to Australian and global communities, businesses and corporations, in building sustainable health and wellbeing programs for staff and the local community. These include:

  • AusAID
  • Australian Federal Police
  • World Bank Group
  • Global Oil & Gas Companies

Lee’s method of bringing training back to basics has had a lasting impact on everyone he trains; from the sporting elite to some of Australia’s most prestigious celebrities and businessmen and he is always inspired by the difference his training makes in the lives of his clients and communities.

It’s this successful formula which keeps himl in demand as he travels around Australia and overseas helping businesses integrate his training methods and passion for health into the lives of their employees.


Lee bases his training on functional body training; getting back-to-basics.

His aim is to help clients achieve a healthy, functioning body, that is able to support them throughout their daily lives, maximising their health and prolonging their lives.

To do this, he assesses their physical, mental and emotional needs by bonding with his clients and forming genuine friendships with mutual respect. Lee then pushes the client further in their physical training then they thought possible, using a mix of encouragement and tough love.

When Lee trains people, he likes to work out what makes them tick and his ability to do this so well, has propelled his success as a fitness trainer. He knows that to get through to someone, he needs to understand their personality, their dreams and relating to them on a level that will work for that individual.

“I don’t overwhelm my clients with my dream for them. This is their dream, that I’m a part of, and I enjoy the journey with them.”

Tough Mudder Ambassador Australia

Lee was the Tough Mudder Ambassador for Australia from 2012 – 2014.

Tough Mudder partnered with Lee because of his renowned fitness expertise and experience as a soldier and physical training instructor in the Australian Army (3rd Battalion – para trooper).

“Tough Mudder is probably the toughest event on the planet, so you need to be ready to take on the challenge. Not only is there 20kms to run around the course, you’ll also be tested to 20–30 military-style obstacles that will challenge you mentally and physically.”

Lee thrives on helping people prepare for Tough Mudder and other mud,adventure and obstacle based events and knows what it takes to complete these challenges.

“Mud races, obstacle races and adventure race events are designed to test all-around fitness, which means training for the event is part of the challenge.”

Television personality

Celebrity Overhaul – Nine Network

A reality television show in which celebrities underwent a rigorous exercise and diet regime aimed at improving their fitness and health. Training was based on Lee’s fitness techniques and methods. Three series were filmed.

Due to the success of the series, the Nine Network, went on to make a further series showcasing everyday Australians, called Overhaul.

BIG – Extreme Makeover – Nine Network

A reality television show in which morbidly obese people (250kg+) are given a second chance at life. For 12 months, Lee worked alongside medical practitioners and dieticians to transform and reshape the lives of those involved.

Morning Show – Nine Network

Presenting as their resident health and fitness expert, Lee offers insights and expertise on a range of topics from getting the body in shape for the spring racing dress, to adolescent and teen fitness.

He also recently worked with host, David Campbell to enable him to successfully complete Tough Mudder.


Get In Shape – Penguin Publishing

In 2007, Lee co-authored a health and fitness book with Ita Buttrose titled “Get In Shape”. Lee and Ita met during filming of Celebrity Overhaul and Ita was so impressed by Lee’s training methods, she continued to train with him after the TV series was completed.

Canberra Weekly

Lee is a weekly columnist for Canberra Weekly on all things health and fitness, from celebrity training style and what the latest fitness trend are globally and locally.