9am till 12:30pm
Saturday 31st July (World Ranger Day)

B.FIRM are joining forces with Mellivora Systems to raise the much-needed funds for the Conservation Rangers for professional Ranger Training to protect the wildlife at risk of poaching and medic equipment needed in the field.  

The Conservation Rangers of Africa, tirelessly and thanklessly, stand at the forefront of conservation fighting for what’s left of our magnificent natural world. However, saving Africa’s wildlife does not come cheap and some of Africa’s parks can’t afford to have well trained equipped rangers – leaving the wildlife at risk of poaching and new recruits entering the field with limited equipment and only basic training. Mellivora Systems Director Reiner Neist, previously a Canberra local, provides the training and equipment at cost rates – ensuring the donations go to the Conservation Rangers requiring funding.  

Reiner has provided us the detail on what pre-training the new recruits are put through to see if they’ve got what it takes to be a Conservation Ranger (see the photos below)! The question is – Do you have what it takes to be a Ranger?  

Join us for a fun filled Ranger session that will put you through some of the paces a Ranger recruit is required to do with proceeds going to provide the medic training and equipment for our Rangers in Africa. This will be just a taster of their training program starting with a 40-minute Ranger Bootcamp followed by a Ranger Obstacle Takedown. There will be prizes at the end of the event for our top Rangers of the day.  

Please ensure you have the Check IN CBR app as you will be required to sign in at entry. With safety as our top priority, B.FIRM continues to follow the directives and guidelines set out by the territory and federal governments and the Chief Medical Officer.  

Ensure you complete the Waiver ( AND bring:  

  • Water bottle 
  • Towel 
  • Suitable clothing – we go ahead rain or shine  
  • A good attitude 

Further details or questions contact 

Crystal Neist     0401 168 398 

Lee Campbell   0418 225 525