2018 Battle Games School Holiday Programs

Action packed school holiday programs
Ages 7 – 17

Kids will have a blast making new friends, climbing, crawling, running, hanging and laughing through our obstacle course. When their bodies need a rest we will be engaging their brains with code breaking, compass reading, memory challenges and much much more.


Information for Parents


**When registration has been confirmed, please complete the 3 forms below and bring them to the session. Parents MUST bring the signed waiver and medical forms to registration on your child’s first day of participation . NO FORMS NO PLAY.

1. Participant Waiver

2. Participant Medical Form

3. Mission Essentials

On the Day

Please ensure you prepare for a full day of activities. Dependent on the season and daily weather forecast, follow our recommended Mission Essentials information. Even if it’s raining, the program continues.

If you have additional or specific questions that are not addressed in the Mission Essentials, please direct them to battlegames@bfirm.com.au

Important notes:

  • Check in no earlier than 8:45am
  • Kids need to bring their own recess and lunch food.
  • Our dedicated crew are extremely busy on Mission Days making sure participants have an unbelievable, happy and safe time! We are not in a position to follow up no-shows.

Need More Information?

Contact B.FIRM here

What our Customers say

Message from Command

‘The BFirm Battle Games program appealed to both my 10yr old daughter & 12yr old son. Thank you to the adult team leaders for their enthusiasm & encouragement during the day! I have already been bombarded with “Can we go next holidays?” ‘ (Battle Games Graduate’s Dad)

‘My 10yo daughter was fortunate enough to go to battle camp last holidays and had an absolute ball! This is a fantastic way to keep the kids happy, healthy and well exercised during the holidays s’  (Battle Games Graduate’s Mum)

Message from the Battle Grounds

“Battle Games was the best thing I have ever done during the holidays. I was only meant to go on Monday, but when they picked me up I begged my Dad to go to all of them, which I did.” Alex, 8

“I was able to do some awesome stuff that I never thought I could do. It was great how all the kids helped each other out no matter what. I hope some of my new friends go next holidays” Jessica, 11

“The obstacles got your heart pumping and my legs got a bit tired, but then Lee and Kiz would get our teams doing something like code breaking that would give our bodies a break and work on our brains instead. It was such an amazing 3 days – way better than playing on the Ipad at home” Jase, 13


Operation NEW SPIRIT – 16th April 2018

Energetic? Willing to try? Wanting to learn?

Battle HQ is calling for Battle Games recruits to join us for an adventure filled day in the B.FIRM Arena.

This is by far our easiest program day, and caters to all ages (7-15yrs) and abilities. It’s time to take a break from all that school work and simply have a play day at our purpose-built Obstacle Adventure Park!

You’ll become part of a small team and given multiple challenges to complete throughout the day. Winning is not the focus of the day; rather, it’s about working together and testing your own abilities.

You’ll learn a lot about yourself and your team mates as the day goes on.

Come and make new friends, or simply invite a bunch of your mates.

If you’re energetic, willing to try, can solve puzzles and are willing to learn some new things, then Operation NEW SPIRIT is the program for you.

Give it a try and learn just how amazing you really are!



Operation MUD STORM – 17th April 2018

The weather couldn’t be better for a casual day of MUD play.

Yep, that’s right! We’ve designed a day packed full of mud across many new obstacle areas in The B.FIRM Arena, just for you.

If you’re adventurous, love getting your hands (and feet) dirty, and can tie your shoes up nice and tight, then this is the Operational day for you.

Battle Buddies will join us at Battle HQ for a day you simply will not forget.  There are mud hills, mud tunnels, mud trenches and mud pits – all waiting for you to conquer.

Grab your mates and jump in, or simply come along and meet some new friends as you play around in the mud together!



Operation HARDENED NINJA – 26th April 2018

Climb, crawl, swing, jump, balance and slide your way to victory.

The B.FIRM Arena is the perfect place for you to unleash your inner Ninja Warrior!

In a day that’s packed full of Ninja themed challenges, you will be tested like never before. It’s a super fun format, but comes with a twist!

You will not be competing alone…

That’s right, you’ll be required to form an ‘ACE’ team to take on loads of team-based challenges, just like you’ve seen on Channel 7’s Spartan TV series. Your team will get to climb, crawl, swing, jump, balance and slide your way to victory.

Grab your mates or join a whole new group and prove to Battle HQ that you have what it takes to compete at the highest level. Who knows? There may be prizes and give-aways throughout the day, if you’re lucky 😉



SPECIAL OPERATIONS – 27th April 2018

Aspiring Battle Games recruits, this is by far your greatest challenge.

Our program Manager, Darren (aka Dazza), remains unbeaten after 12 series and we need this to change!!!.

Battle HQ is ready to welcome any recruits who have a will to win, and a desire to succeed.

You will be challenged physically and mentally, so bring your A-Game.

Get your mates together, form a team and show Dazza you can beat any challenge he sets for you.

You may just claim the ultimate prize – Battle Games’ first TOP GUN Team.