2017-18 Battle Games Summer School Holiday Programs

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Action packed school holiday programs for ages 7 – 17

Kids will have a blast making new friends, climbing, crawling, running, hanging and laughing through our obstacle course. When their bodies need a rest we will be engaging their brains with code breaking, compass reading, memory challenges and much much more.



Battle Games – Rising Ninja – click here

Battle Games – Mud Phoenix – click here

**Once your registration has been confirmed, please complete the 3 forms below and bring them to the session. Parents MUST bring the signed waiver and medical forms to registration on your child’s first day of participation . NO FORMS NO PLAY.

1. Participant Waiver

2. Participant Medical Form

3. Mission Essentials

Message from command:
The BFirm Battle Games program appealed to both my 10yr old daughter & 12yr old son. Thank you to the adult team leaders for their enthusiasm & encouragement during the day! I have already been bombarded with “Can we go next holidays?” ‘ (Battle Games Graduate’s Dad)

‘My 10yo daughter was fortunate enough to go to battle camp last holidays and had an absolute ball! This is a fantastic way to keep the kids happy, healthy and well exercised during the holidays s’  (Battle Games Graduate’s Mum)

Message from the battle grounds:
“Battle Games was the best thing I have ever done during the holidays. I was only meant to go on Monday, but when they picked me up I begged my Dad to go to all of them, which I did.” Alex, 8

“I was able to do some awesome stuff that I never thought I could do. It was great how all the kids helped each other out no matter what. I hope some of my new friends go next holidays” Jessica, 11

“The obstacles got your heart pumping and my legs got a bit tired, but then Lee and Kiz would get our teams doing something like code breaking that would give our bodies a break and work on our brains instead. It was such an amazing 3 days – way better than playing on the Ipad at home” Jase, 13


Check in no earlier than 8:45am

Kids need to bring their own recess and lunch food.

Detailed info on what to bring (and what not to bring) will be sent to you via email within a few days of booking)

Our dedicated crew are extremely busy on Mission Days making sure participants have an unbelievable, happy and safe time! We are not in a position to follow up no-shows.

Enlisted Battle Gamers can get their Top Secret Medical Form here and their Mission Acceptance Form (waiver) here.