Group Training Manuka Health Hub
6:00 am - 7:00 am
January 20, 2020


B.FIRM is one of Canberra’s premier health and fitness organisations and is led by renowned trainer and obstacle race expert, Lee Campbell. B.FIRM offers a range of health and wellbeing services including personal and group training, outdoor obstacle training, corporate team building and wellbeing training, gym facility design, special event activations and much more. 

  • Boot Camp

    Boot Camp training sessions incorporate back-to-basics training and conventional gym exercise and are B.FIRM’s most popular training option.

    1 x casual sessions$35
    10 x session pass$300


  • Personal Training

    Train with one of Australia’s premier trainers, Lee Campbell. His mix of encouragement and tough love will help you achieve your goals.

    1 session per week$130
    2 sessions per week$240


One thing every client agrees on is if they think they can only do 10 push-ups, I’ll get them to do 40. If they think they can do one set up stairs, I get them to do 10. Often the biggest boundaries are not the physical ones, but the mental and emotional ones people put in front of them. But they all rise to the challenge.
Lee Campbell