Teen Battle Ninja – 20 April 2018


Ninja obstacle training and team activity challenges for 12-17 years

WHEN: Friday 20 April 2018 from 9:00am until 4:00pm (16:00)

Product Description

Ages 12 to 17
What is Battle Ninja?

Battle Ninja is a combination of skills & techniques from our Ninja Warrior, Spartan and Obstacle programs.

After a day of learning all the basic Battle Ninja skills and tricks, including time with with Australian Ninja Warriors finalists and Season 1 & 2 Spartan Ultimate team challenge competitors, you can then compete for the Title of TEEN BATTLE NINJA WARRIOR.

Teen Battle Ninja is a great way to develop your inner Ninja

The day is going to be amazing.

You’ll take on the “Warped Wall” (beat the wall, beat the wall), “Cannon Ball Alley”, the “Quintuple Step”, the “Floating Boards”, the mighty “Salmon Ladder”, and many more Ninja Warrior & Spartan obstacles.

But the highlight is that you get a full day with one of the Australian Ninja Warriors – and you could be the Series 3 “BATTLE NINJA WARRIOR”.

Want to fight another Battle?

B.Firm also brings you Battle Games, 4 other days of action packed activities for the school holidays. From New Spirit, Mud Storm, and Hardened Ninja to finishing off with the never been beaten Special Ops (after 12 series no team has finished this beast of a day).

Check out the Battle Games page here for more information

Prepare for Battle!

Suggested Workout

  • Hopping on single leg X 30 seconds (then change legs) x 3
  • Carry a full bucket of water 10 meters and back X 3
  • Map reading and drawing practice – sprint 10 meters and back then draw a map of your house and then describe it to mum or dad. (Tricky isn’t it?)
  • Push ups (on your knees) X 10 x 3 sets
  • Skipping rope x 1 minute x 3
  • Plank hold X 30 second (challenge mum or dad)
  • Balance walk (if you lay a length of wood on the ground balance across it) x 5
  • Finger Grip strength – squeeze a tennis ball x 50 in each hand (as tight as you possible can) x 3

Train hard.

And we’ll see you soon.


Places are strictly limited, so be sure to grab this opportunity quickly.

All sessions take place @ BFIRM’s purpose-built obstacle course at BATTLE HQ Symonston, ACT


Sturdy, closed toe shoes, towel, change of clothes, hat, water bottle, morning tea snack (fruit), lunch and a positive attitude!

If you would like to speak directly with us, please leave a contact number and the nature of your inquiry.

Check-in is no earlier than 8:30am

Detailed information on what to bring (and what not to bring) will be sent to you via email within a few days of booking.

Our dedicated crew are extremely busy on our event days making sure participants have an unbelievable, happy and safe time and as such we are not in a position to follow up non-attendance.

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