Small Group Training

We normally offer three styles of training – Group/Boot Camp, Mum’s Club and our small group Shared PT sessions.

During COVID-19 we will focus exclusively on Outdoor Boot Camps. All other training is suspended.

Boot Camp‘ sessions incorporate obstacle course based activities, back-to-basics training and conventional gym exercise and are B.FIRM’s most popular training option.

Boot camp sessions are until further notice held at our Outdoor Activity Centre in Symonston (click for Google directions).

Drag a sandbag, push out 100 sit-ups or push-ups, climb up and over the cargo net and monkey bars, get some sprints under your belt and the list goes on. Each session is a challenge and will help you become fitter, stronger and more confident in yourself, your health and your training.

In this time we understand everyone’s health and wellbeing, particularly mental health, is of the utmost importance.

At the B.FIRM outdoor arena, sessions are now capped at 10 participants, with each person to bring their own water bottle, towel and hand sanitiser.

Wherever you start your session will remain your “station” for the entire session. After every session, all of our equipment is being washed down.

And the The B.FIRM activity centre is set on over 10 acres at Symonston, so spacial distancing is never in doubt!

Bookings or Lee Campbell 0418 22 55 25

Outdoor training sessions are a great way to work during isolation. 

Just purchase your sessions and come along to your preferred session. Purchased sessions can be used at any session and there is no time limit to use them.

Outdoor Fitness with BFIRM is a great wellbeing strategy through COVID-19
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